A Glimpse into passion


Why Dragon?


I grew up fishing Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Between myself, my dad, my uncle, and my grandfather, there is a collective 135+ years of experience on the lake. I know that body of water like the back of my hand. It has the nickname "The Reluctant Dragon" due to it's serpent-like shape, and how fickle the lake is. It can be an extremely difficult lake to fish. But if you put in the time, the Dragon can be very rewarding. I have studied the lake endlessly, through trial and error with colors, and spending over 180 days a year on the lake fishing. I have custom built these jigs, and hard baits to dominate the waters of The Reluctant Dragon. 

What makes my jigs unique?


  • ​Each jig comes from high quality soft lead. This allows for complete pours, that turn out perfect each time. 

  • After the jigs are poured, they are heated to around 300 degrees, then painted with a powder paint coat. 

  • Once the powder paint dries, the jigs are baked in an oven for 45 minutes. This curing process allows for an extremely durable finish. You can fish a cured football jig over rocks, and you will merely scuff the jig, or dent the lead itself. You will likely lose the jig before the paint ever chips. If it chips, that's just added character. And we all know fish prefer a well used bait versus a brand new one! 

About the product

All of my products come from high quality materials. I agonize over every bait I produce. If it is not perfect, I will not send it out to the customer. My quality control is very strict, and I will not allow a bait that has any faults to be delivered to a customer. If there is ever an issue, please contact me and the faulty product will be replaced. 

My hard baits are airbrushed with top quality paints, and sealed with KBS Diamond Clear. This results in eye popping colors when submerged in water, and a near indestructible finish.