Frequently asked questions

I placed my order a day ago and haven't received it. What gives?

It takes roughly 10 business days to process most orders. I have it listed as 12-14, just to give me some wiggle room. I am a one man show, with no employees, so whenever you place an order, whether it's a custom rod, or 80 jigs, it's made by one person. I tend to keep popular items in stock and ready to go. There is an order queue, so it's a first come first served basis, however some exceptions may be allowed.

Your hardbait clear coat is ridiculously durable. What do you use?

I use an automotive clear coat called KBS Diamond Clear. I dip each bait in the coating, and it hangs for about 24 hours, sometimes longer. Some baits may receive multiple coats, but I primarily use one, unless the bait does not seal fully. Another coating I often use is BSI, a two part epoxy. I mainly use that for glide baits, and other baits that require a bit more finesse when sealing. The dip will jam up the hinges, so a brush on clear coat is required.

Do you take pro-staff applications?

I'm not currently seeking new pro-staff members. However applications may still be submitted. If you feel you are a good fit, send a cover letter to info@dragoncustomtackle.com Please include your name, and any social media pages you have that are related to bass fishing. Tell me about yourself, why you are a good fit. Your values and what you hope to achieve in the sport of bass fishing. I will note that I do research on those who apply. I am not like other brands who give out pro-staff to anyone asks, or to those who buy tackle. I am very choosy about those who represent my name. If you are chosen, you will receive an email within 2 weeks after applying. If you're unfamiliar with me, and my brand, this blog post about sponsors may be beneficial to you, to see whether or not you're someone I'm looking for. https://www.dragoncustomtackle.com/post/dragoncustomtackleblog

Can I mix and match colors, or get some custom baits done?

This is probably my most asked question, and the answer is yes! However, most true customs will require either a minimum order, or will have a price increase. For jigs, there is a 15 minimum purchase, and for crankbaits, the price is raised. For bulk jigs, or regular jig orders, I do not mix and match colors. Those fall under custom jigs. Color options are set, and cannot be altered. Why? Mainly because I have a select number of colors, and I have a set inventory of what I have in terms of paints, both acryllic and powder, skirts, and blanks. If i have to purchase a new color for someone, I must charge extra, and require set amounts.