Meet The Crew


Sam M

Sam is an angler from North Carolina, fishing on the NC State bass fishing team. A team with a winning pedigree, Sam was able to hone his skills as an angler while travelling up and down the East Coast fishing world class lakes. 


Sean S

Sean is a New Hampshire based angler with a diverse background when it comes to bass fishing. Whether it's finesse fishing, or power fishing he is well versed in the application. I've also heard he likes a jig a bit too much. He's also one of the few youtubers I have a lot of respect for, check him out at 603Bass.


Bryson U

Hailing from Canada, this young angler has a ton of experience fishing for giant smallmouth on the Great Lakes. He is an expert when it comes to dropshots, tubes, and jerkbaits, but his real love is fishing for largemouth. Even at 19, he's a guide in the northern reaches of Canada. So it's safe to say he knows his stuff.


Mike K

Situated right next to Lake Ontario and the St Lawrance river, Mike has access to the best smallmouth waters on the planet. When he’s not chasing smallmouth he can be found in the back lakes of South Eastern Ontario, working to improve on his favorite largemouth techniques, flipping milfoil with a DCT flippin’ jig.


Jason L

With his passion for fishing cultivated at a very young age, this southern California angler has caught fish some people can only dream of. The most notable fish weighing in at 12.2lbs. Jason was also the first one to field test DCT jigs on the famed Lake Bacarrac in Mexico. Because of him, the DCT Heavy Hitter was born. 


John R

John is a USMC Veteran who grew up fishing with his family in Dallas Fort Worth but moved to Northern California after he got out of the Marines. Situated in one of the premier big bass fishing areas in the US John enjoys the diversity of being able to fish for all three major species of bass and has caught trophy bass of each. He considers himself a jig guru and loves nothing more than catching a hog on one.